Long weekend at home!!!!

OK so I haven’t gone out to eat anything this weekend but I feel the need to share a creation of mine. My wife, my daughter and I went over to the in law’s place for dinner on Saturday night for a pre-birthday get together for my upcoming birthday. Pork ribs were on the menu, slow cooked in my mother in law’s home-made BBQ sauce and then finished on the grill for a couple of hours over some smoky wood chips.

They were quite good, and as usual there was plenty left over for us to take home, which I was very eager to do. Now I know that really great ribs should be very tender but NOT be falling off the bone when you pick them up, however these ribs were completely falling apart at the slightest touch, not to say that they weren’t great, but they gave me an idea.

The meat had a great crust on it and the next day I pulled all the leftover racks out of the fridge and set about dismantling them. I carefully removed all the bones and cartilage and trimmed away most of the fat. I put the meat in a stainless bowl and with two forks I shredded it pulled pork style. Now I love pulled pork just as much as the next guy, and I eat at Memphis Blues http://www.memphisbluesbbq.com/ in Vancouver at least once a month. However pulled pork has always lacked something for me. I think it’s the insistence that is be dripping with sauce. Sauce is good, sauce is not what I wanted.

I took a deep sided frying pan and put a little cooking oil in it. I added a little fresh ground pepper to the meat and once the oil was hot I added the pork. I tossed it like a stir fry until it had gone a little crispy. That was what pulled pork was missing, a little crunch!!!!  I took two Italiano whole wheat buns and steamed them quickly so they were nice and soft and able to be squished around the meat. Maille Dijon mustard on the bottom, Mayonnaise on the top. That’s it, pork perfection.

It had all the melt in your mouth tenderness of pulled pork, with a fantastic little crunch the can’t be described, and it didn’t require a bib or a roll of paper towel to eat it. Pictures next time. I promise.

Until next time,



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