Umi Sushi Express

For the better part of this week I’ve been stationed downtown near the new convention centre. I’m with a crew of 5 other guys so lunch has been limited to the food court a the Waterfront Centre. Not the most diverse place to eat…

Yesterday was my birthday and I was feeling a little tired. I really wasn’t into waiting in line so I headed over to Umi Sushi Express as I noticed the line was moving quickly. They had a variety of pre made sushi in containers as well as some hot items made to order.

I chose the quicker option (premade) which was a California roll and 3 pieces of nigiri, one ebi, one tuna and one salmon. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was not overly impressed.

The California roll was overpowered by a strong imitation crab taste which was a shame as the texture was pretty good. The nigiri was a total disaster. All 3 types of fish had obviously been frozen and thawed more than once. They had an unwelcome fishy taste and the rice was mushy.

Maybe I should have known better. Maybe I only have myself to blame for ordering premade sushi. In Vancouver one expects decent sushi where ever they go, well maybe almost everywhere.



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