Cactus Club Cafe, don’t let me down Feenie!!!!

Ah the Cactus club in Delta, I remember it well. Located at 7907 120th Street, it was the first Cactus Club I ever ate at back when they had a slightly different approach to the restaurant business. I remember a very western/cowboy inspired place with peanuts on each table that you ate and threw the shells on the floor. They made you stand on your chair on your birthday and everyone in the place sang to you, much to my friend Tina’s embarrassment.

Since then the Cactus Club Cafe has matured into an upper mid level chain with very modern, trendy decor, good food and great atmosphere. What better place to grab lunch with my dad and my uncle after a rough morning of bike helmet shopping?

Local celebrity chef Rob Feenie joined the Cactus Club team a couple of years back and there are a few “signature dishes” that have been developed by Rob and his team and I was looking forward to giving them a try. My uncle decided to order dessert first, because as he says, if you order it first you always have room for it…dangerously smart man he is. He ordered the chocolate peanut butter crunch bar for us to share and it was very good, but dessert isn’t my thing so I won’t go into detail about it other than to say if you like chocolate, you should get one.

I ordered the short rib sandwich with fries, my dad ordered the tuna tatake and my uncle the mini burgers. The tuna looked good as did the mini burgers but I can’t help but wonder why all three of the burgers come dressed the same? In my ever so humble opinion if you have three small burgers they should be dressed differently. Why not just order one regular sized burger if they all taste the same?

My short rib sandwich, however, was very good. The meat is braised with caramelized onions, beef jus and emmental cheese on toasted sourdough. The texture of the tender beef with the crisp sourdough  is amazing. Emmental cheese is one of my favorites and caramelized onions add a sweetness that balances out the salt perfectly. This is a Feenie “signature dish” and it is good enough to make me want to go back and try the rest of them very soon.

Back on the road on Monday, who knows where lunch will be? Stay tuned.



3 thoughts on “Cactus Club Cafe, don’t let me down Feenie!!!!

  1. I personally liked the Cactus Club better when it had the whole cowboy theme. Now it’s just like Milestones, Earls, the Keg, Moxies etc

  2. What I remembered most about the old Cactus Club, was the weird affinity it had for cows. Specifically, cows from The Far Side. They had comics all over the menus, and I was really psyched to see that. Then they became like every other moderately priced eatery.

    Check out Nando’s, Scott!

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