Bon’s off Broadway

Located at 2451 Nanaimo street in Vancouver is Bon’s, a run down old cafe/restaurant that is a local favorite for it’s all day breakfast. For $2.95 you get a real breakfast with 2 eggs any style, pan fries, toast and bacon or sausage. That beats a golden arches breakfast any day.

Judging from the graffiti on the walls it seems that this place would be best suited for people in need of nourishment after a hard night of partying. But there are some life lessons up there, such as “don’t ride yo couch without a alligator belt”. Need I say more?

I ordered the all day breakfast and a coffee. Eggs over easy, bacon and white toast. The egg yolks weren’t broken which was a good start and the bacon was nice and crispy. The pan fries were a little greasy but I suppose that the regulars here like it that way, grease does have some magical hangover limiting qualities.

The coffee was coffee, that’s it. Good, not great and perhaps a little stronger than I was looking for but for a dollar who cares!!! For five bucks you get coffee, breakfast, good reading on the walls and a full belly. If you go there do me a favor, leave a couple extra bucks for the wait staff, there’s usually only two of them and they keep the coffee coming and are quick to take your order always with a smile.

Trully the best breakfast deal in town.



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