Michi Waffle & Espresso Bar-The best coffee in Vancouver?

Yes, I can honestly say I have found the best coffee in Vancouver. Michi Waffle & Espresso Bar, located at 1319 Robson St in Vancouver, is a revelation in the coffee landscape of this city. Specialty coffee made with care using locally roasted beans roasted to Michi’s specifications, all priced very favorably in relation to the prevailing giant coffee chains of the world.

My wife, daughter and I decided to head to Robson street to give Michi a try. Once there we were greeted by a very modern, cool coffee house with great atmosphere, smooth jazz and the great smell that only an espresso bar can give. The food was displayed in a glass case by the cash register, and everything looked very good, especially after I learned it was all made in-house from their own recipes. I ordered a waffle platter, a 12oz Americano Misto, and a piece of espresso cheese cake to share. My wife had the Breakfast Waffle Platter and a double espresso.

The coffee was made by the owner, Michael, and is truly a work of art. My Americano was so good I didn’t need to put sugar in it as I usually do and my wifes espresso was amazing. Our food arrived very quickly, my waffle platter complete with Banana slices drizzled with chocolate, strawberry sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. The Breakfast waffle platter had scrambled eggs with cubes of ham, cheddar cheese and a fruit bowl. Everything was great, the waffles made with imported Belgian powdered sugar, the espresso cheese cake was perfection and the eggs fresh and hot.

Michi Waffle & Espresso Bar is exactly what I set out to find when I started this Blog, a local, unique spot that Vancouver can be very proud to have. Everything is local and/or organic whenever possible, the owner is a hardworking guy dedicated to his vision of great coffee, great food at a good price. If you live downtown, get up and go there immediately, if you are going downtown soon you need to go there first. Make sure you go before the end of June for a $2 Tall (12oz) Latte.

I’m in love.



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