BLT Burger @ The Mirage Hotel & Casino

There is something about burgers that really speaks to me, especially if they are something a little less pedestrian than your average fast food burger. BLT Burger located at The Mirage Hotel and Casino on The Strip in Las Vegas takes the art of the most iconic american food to a new level. BLT Burger offers premium burgers made with top ingredients and a menu developed by a world renowned French Chef.

BLT stands for Bistro Laurent Tourondel, the Executive Chef / Partner of BLT Restaurants. Tourondel has worked as Executive Chef to the Admiral of the French Navy and Executive Chef of the three-star Michelin Relais & Chateau Troisgros in France. Upon moving to New York he set about the challenging task of making American food up to French cuisine standards with the opening of BLT Steak and BLT Fish, a take on two classic american eateries, the steakhouse and the fish shack. With BLT Burger Tourondel aimed straight at the heart of America. The result is stunningly good.

Being in Vegas is heaven for a food lover like myself and stumbling upon BLT Burger was fantastic. With burgers made with a combination of certified Black Angus Sirloin, Short rib, Chuck and Brisket as the standard along with other selections including 100% American Kobe beef, Lamb Tandoori, Falafel, Turkey, Salmon and BBQ Brisket this was going to be something special.

I ordered the American Kobe Burger with a grilled Portobello Mushroom, skinny fries (shoestring) and a pint of Guinness. All of the burgers at BLT are served medium unless you want it cooked differently. Usually I am a well done only kind of guy, trying to avoid the whole “undercooked ground beef” thing but let me make this very clear, if made with quality beef by people who know how to handle and prepare ground beef it is very safe. Steak tartare is very safe and i suggest you try it someday, it’s awesome.

My burger was cooked to perfection and the grilled mushroom was just right as an addition. The beef is from Snake River Farms in Boise, Idaho and is certified American Wagyu (Kobe) Beef. If you don’t know what that is I suggest you Google it, a must for any beef lover. The fries were really just fries, nothing too exciting really. I suppose I should have ordered the waffle fries or onion rings…next time. As for my Guinness, you really can’t go wrong with stout when you’re eating beef.

There is one major problem with BLT Burger and that is its location in relation to where I live!!! Las Vegas is a two and a half hour flight away from Vancouver and the other two locations are in New York and Hong Kong. I suppose it’s a good thing that my wife lets me go to Vegas on an annual basis and I’m glad I was able to find BLT while on a trip with great friends. It was truly the start to a great night.

No pictures though, no camera’s allowed on Vegas trips…check out my links page for BLT Burgers website and if you’re in Las Vegas, New York or Hong Kong and want a burger, run there as fast as you can!!!

Just a quick warning, I have read a few other “foodies” reviews of BLT Burger being too expensive, and at $12 for the standard CAB burger and $17 for the Kobe, it isn’t the cheapest burger joint in town, with fries an additional $5. Remember that quality costs money and if you want an ordinary burger then this might not be the place for you, however I suggest you try it anyways because as gourmet food goes this place is a steal.



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