Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar

I love beef, almost as much as I love scotch, and those of you who know me know how much I love scotch. Beef is richer than chicken or pork and depending on the cut has a better texture as well. At the recently revamped Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar they have shifted, under the direction of new Executive Chef Erik Heck, to a more “beef-centric” menu that offers 6 different cuts of beef in grades ranging from AAA to Canadian and USDA Prime including an $18 an ounce Australian Kobe Waygu Ribeye that sounds amazing if not a little unattainable to the average Joe.

Lyndsey and I visited Glowbal with my oldest friend and his lovely wife before heading off to the Queen Elizabeth Theater to see Harry Connick Jr. I had been working in Kits that day so I arrived a little early for our reservation and grabbed a seat at the bar. I was looked after by Fraser the bartender who kept the beer glass full and the conversation light and entertaining, very impressive for someone who had only been there for a couple of weeks. A few beers later and the other three in my dinner party arrived. I held back the tears as I said goodbye to Fraser and wandered over to our table.

Our waiter arrived and brought us some water and a little bread to snack on while we checked out the menu. Lyndsey and I ordered a few satays, the prosciutto wrapped asparagus, the Kobe meatball (which was incredible), the panko breaded Ahi tuna with tobiko aioli and the braised short rib with truffle aioli. You can order a satay platter and sample all of these one or two bite treats as a meal or to share, yum.

After the satays were finished and half of my spicy Ceaser had disappeared our main courses arrived. I ordered the 16 ounce bone in Canadian Prime Ribeye medium rare with a lobster, bacon and Gruyère baked potato on the side. The steak was perfectly cooked with a nice compound butter on top and a side of smoked salt that when used sparingly added a unique taste to the beef. If you don’t often eat steak with the bone still attached you are missing out on the extra flavor that cooking the bone infuses into the beef. The baked potato was gigantic in the typical steakhouse fasion but it tasted like no other steakhouse potato I have ever had. Big chunks of lobster meat, salty little pieces of bacon, creamy melted Gruyère cheese and a dollop of sour cream to balance all of that richness out, there was a bit of background heat that gave it a nice kick, easily the best baked potato I’ve eaten in a long time. Lyndsey had the 8 ounce AAA Tenderloin and a side of wild mushroom risotto. I didn’t try her steak as mine was big enough but I did try the risotto and I am sorry to say I think it was finished with cream…I hope I’m wrong as that is the easy way out when making risotto.

There was an off menu item called the Tomahawk that was intriguing to me, a 4 pound piece of beef served family style. Unfortunately our waiter was not forthcoming with the price or exactly what part of the cow the Tomahawk comes from. After finishing my steak and almost finishing my baked potato it was time to go to the QE to see HCJ. Great show, great food and great friends, what could be better?



One thought on “Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar

  1. OMG..The words lobster, bacon and Gruyère baked potato gave me a foodgasm. Cream in a rissotto is bush. Tell Lyndsay I will hook her up.

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