Dougie Dog

A very wise man named Anthony Bourdain once said that food is at its best when served in tube form. This is especially true when it comes to meat. Sausages and hot dogs have been a staple of western cuisine for ages and have evolved from foods that were inexpensive and easy to prepare into something more than their humble beginnings. The evolution started in the culinary hot spots of New York, Chicago and Minnesota….??? There is a place in Minneapolis called The Weinery that has been doing dogs that are both classic and a little out there at the same time for years, check it out on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on The Food Network if you get a chance.

Vancouver’s hot dog scene floundered in the “cart” era for many years until someone decided that the carts needed to serve dogs with a Japanese twist. They were good but there was a whole area of hot dog excellence that this city didn’t even realize it was missing. That all ended when a man named Dougieluv decided to open Dougie Dog

Located at 1011 Granville street (Granville & Nelson) Dougie Dog is in a great location to serve all kinds of customers. The late night party animal who is sick off pizza can grab a dog until “late”, the weekend boutique shopper can grab a bite on the go and the weekday business lunch crowd is also nearby.

Serving many varieties of the common hot dog, Dougie Dog sets itself apart from other hod dog purveyors by offering a wide variety that a cart simply can not compete with. The all natural, nitrate free wieners are made locally and have a nice snap to them from the natural casing similar to a European style wiener.

The original Dougie Dog is very tasty, with horse-radish, Grey Poupon mustard, Italian pastrami and cheddar cheese is a nice combo of rich flavor and heat, The Mac n’ cheese is creamy and rich and with over 10 varieties of root beer there should be one for every taste. You can check out the rest of their menu here. There is a vegetarian option as well and rumor has it that the vegetarian Trailer Park Dog (processed cheese and crumbled potato chips) is awesome.

Late night hot dogs on Granville after a night of partying sounds like a winner to me. They deliver in the downtown core and have a cool phone number, 604-HOT-DOGS. So will a place selling $7 hot dogs survive? The answer is yes, as long as the quality stays where it is and the clubs on Granville keep serving booze.



One thought on “Dougie Dog

  1. We ate at Dougies tonight and loved it. I had the Bacon Chili Cheese dog and it was great…..the house brand Root Beer on tap is fantastic as well.
    Thanks for recommending it.

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