Commune Cafe

Located at 1002 Seymour street in Vancouver, Commune Cafe is a trendy new spot located in a very competitive area in the Downtown core. Just a block from Granville street and a few blocks from Davie street the competition is fierce ranging from 24 hour pizza shops to sushi to fine dining, it is a tough place to have success as a new kid on the block. Commune Cafe sets it self apart by using free range meat and eggs, organic milk products and produce, locally sourced 100 percent sustainable seafood and is a member of Oceanwise and Greentable.

I have been to Commune several times over the last few weeks as I am working in the area. The coffee is good and the breakfast pannini’s and croissants are excellent, especially with the free range turkey sausage. The lunch pannini’s are also good but at around $8 for a sandwich that really isn’t that big I think there are better lunch options very near by. The breakfast sandwiches come in at around $6 which is also a little on the high side considering there are restaurants in the area you can get a full breakfast for a dollar more.

That is my main concern with Commune. The food is quite good and given the building they are in, a high-end furnished hotel for the wealthy, the prices may seem ok for downtown but it’s quite easy to find good food for less money in every direction from Commune’s front door.

The decor at Commune Cafe is very minimalist, modern and cool with banquette seating along the windows, a large communal table running down the spine of the restaurant and a large patio. The staff is mostly friendly apart from a certain staff member from “down under” who really seems inconvenienced by any customer. The General Manager is in the restaurant quite often and the service and food quality seems to improve when he is there which is a little worrisome. Mistakes in ordering are quickly cleared up and on one occasion GM Anthony Starns gave us a complimentary sandwich due to the kitchen mistaking rosemary ham for prosciutto.

I think Commune Cafe has great potential given its location and its commitment to quality food. All new restaurants go through ups and downs during their formative months and hopefully Commune Cafe gets the kinks worked out soon, and maybe have a look at the sandwich prices while they’re at it.



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