Paul Stirfry Chopstick House

Update, Paul Stirfry has gone out of business. Paul Stirfry is located at 550 Nelson street, at the corner of Seymour and Nelson. Billing themselves as south Asian street food they offer a variety of Asian inspired dishes cooked up stirfry style as well as soups and appy’s with an Asian flair. The menu consists of many Vegan dishes as well as some gluten-free choices and Oceanwise seafood options.

Paul Stirfry has been under construction for some time and opened very recently. I’ve done a lot of work in the area over the past few months and when I noticed it was open I couldn’t resist giving them a try. The smell wafting down the street as you walk towards the door is intoxicating and makes your mouth water. Once inside the friendly staff is ready to take your order with a smile and some helpful recommendations. The seating area is small but presents a cool, modern look with good music (thank you!) playing in the background. The menu board is a little hard to read with the lighting aimed the way it is but that seems like a minor quibble that is easily correctable.

I ordered the Sable Squared, which is flashed fried, sesame and ginger marinated sablefish, with pea shoots, onions, broccolini, red pepper, snow peas, quinoa and is dressed with sweet soy and ponzu. The fish is buttery and very tasty and has great flavor. Quinoa is my favorite food discovery of 2010 and it’s great to see that it’s making its way on to some menus around town. Overall this dish was quite good, good flavor, nice presentation and at $12 it won’t break the bank. Sadly my chopstick skills aren’t up to eating something as small and delicate as quinoa so I opted for a fork, practice does make perfect though.

You can follow Paul Stirfry on Twitter or on Facebook at I’ve read some other reviews, as any good blogger should, about Paul Stirfry and I was a little surprised by the overwhelmingly negative responses. All I can offer is an honest opinion of the dish I ordered and the service I received, both of which were quite good with my only concern being portion size, which could be a little larger. Hopefully the bad experiences are just a part of being new and working out some kinks? Let me know if you’ve been and what you think!



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