The Campfire Grill – Smokin’ Barbecue

The WFLBC BBQ Challenge has officially begun, first stop Squamish!! Squamish? Yes, Squamish, I recently spent a week in Whistler for work and did a lot of eating all around town and I now have a stockpile of restaurants to reviews for this blog and for the Vancouver Observer.  On the way home I wanted to stop at a BBQ place I had heard about via Twitter called The Campfire Grill – Smokin’ BBQ. I had no idea what I was in for.

I don’t know what I was expecting but this certainly was not it, and what a nice surprise! Located at the Eagle Vista Resort and Campground at 1940 Centennial Way in Squamish it’s about as inconspicuous as it gets, it’s actually in the campground! Thinking that the GPS had led me astray I finally noticed the trailer and assorted small structures around it and headed over to say hello. Chef Mike McCrea and his wife Inger, aka the boss, greeted me with a smile and gave me a tour of the truly unique and pretty awesome setup they have. You really have to see it to appreciate it but it is very cool with gas heaters in a outbuilding filled with picnic tables, a fire pit surrounded by benches and an ordering area with another heater and a nicely done menu board along with very professional brochures and business cards.

Mike was kind enough to make me up a one man sample plate for the purposes of my BBQ Challenge that consisted of pulled pork, pork ribs, beef blade, chicken, and a stuffed burger. The pork was juicy and well seasoned, the beef was fantastic and savory and the chicken, dark meat by request, was cooked perfectly with the skin on. The ribs, which I ate before I remembered to take a picture, had a nice smoky crust and were tender and juicy as well.  The stuffed burger which is only available on Friday is made with locally sourced organic beef stuffed with pickles, banana peppers, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese. Great texture and flavor from the beef and the stuffing was awesome, plus it was cooked a nice medium, perfect. Over all this is some of the best food, let alone BBQ, I have ever eaten.

Then there are the sauces, oh my god the sauces! All made by Chef Mike they are a foursome of mouth watering accouterments to go with the fantastic meat. There is a trio of BBQ sauces, bourbon, apricot and chipotle and a honey mustard sauce. The Honey mustard goes great with everything but pairs best with the chicken. The apricot paired best with the pulled pork and the bourbon went great with the ribs. The chipotle was my favorite and went great with everything, especially the beef. I also tried Chef Mike’s home made pecan tarts cooked on the grill and they were fantastic!

So BBQ challenge 2011 has it’s first official entry and if this food is a sign of things to come I’m in for a great ride! If you’re passing through or visiting Squamish, or if you just want to go somewhere incredibly cool to eat you need to make a stop here. Based on my BBQ experience this place may be hard to beat. I may have to rearrange my categories a little but I think the WFLBC BBQ Challenge is going to be a big hit!!



6 thoughts on “The Campfire Grill – Smokin’ Barbecue

  1. Hi Scott! We were so thrilled to be the first official BBQ challenge entry. You certainly got to sample some awesome BBQ grub. We can’t wait to see you again in the near future to experience the whole outdoor BBQ adventure with campfire and all. Cheers!

  2. Oh yeah – this place is hard to beat, add that it has a sandbox/slide and great (healthy) kids menu, awesome views and supplies marshmallows for toasting when the weather allows a campfire, and is well priced (lunch is pretty competetive with any of the burger chains), and why would you stop anywhere else?!

  3. As locals we’ve visited & eaten here for a long time now. The fact that the reviewer has ignored all those Whistler resteraunts that have been ‘stockpiled’ so that the Campfire Grill could be reviewed first tells you everything you need to know. Great food, great people, great place. Get some now!

    • Tony, you are exactly right. This place has a unique coolness to it that I have never experienced before and the food backs it up big time. Really great find for a humble boy from Surrey!


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  5. This place looks great! I love such small, but cozy places, they definitely serve better barbecue than the big places, because here you can practically feel how the owner gave all his inspiration into creating the recipes and making them work. The atmosphere also looks amazing and suburban, and the food pictures just made me incredibly hungry 🙂 Great job with the post!

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