Variety Fundraiser for my daughter Hayley

Most of you who read this blog know the story of my daughter Hayley and on February 4th of 2011 she celebrated her first birthday. Without donations of equipment and money from Variety, the Children’s Charity the hospital where she was born may not have been able to save her life when she was born and allow her to become the awesome little person that she is. To honor Variety’s contributions my wife Lyndsey suggested that we hold a fundraiser for her first birthday and in lieu of gifts we would ask that people donate to Variety.

The planning began in late 2010 and we contacted Variety about having a fundraiser. They were very helpful and sent us a fundraising kit which was put to good use. The question was how were we going to make this event entertaining for both kids and adults as two thirds of the guests were going to be grown ups. The answer came in the form of a silent auction, so I got busy contacting people and businesses I have met or developed relationships with through this blog, which was a suggestion of Heather Vince, a family friend and fellow social media junkie. The generosity we received was overwhelming with amazing donations from The Roaming Dragon, Tinhorn Creek Winery, The Loden Hotel, Paul Stirfry and Dead Frog Brewery just to name a few. These are all people that I have no previous relationship with other than Twitter and this blog and their willingness to help was unbelievable. I would like to say a special thank you to Jason, Jory, Sandra, Lindsey, Vincenza, Brandon Cassidy and my wife Lynsey and her sister Jessica for their help with donations for this event.

We had Gizmo the Clown volunteer his services to entertain the kids with some amazing balloon creations, thanks to my high school friend Heather who is married to Gizmo aka William. Firehall #5 in Brookswood was transformed into something wonderful by Lyndsey and our family members and the food table and candy table for the kids looked awesome and were both big hits.

Over all we raised over $4000, our goal was $2000. Erika Traynor from Eye Candy Photoworks was there snapping pictures and The Langley Times also came to do a story about our event and I’ll let everyone know when those 2 things a ready to check out.

In the mean time I have made a little slide show about Hayley’s first year, hope you like it and thanks to everyone for their tremendous support and generosity!! Check out the slide show here.




2 thoughts on “Variety Fundraiser for my daughter Hayley

  1. Well done, my friend! Congrats on the success. This speaks volumes for the power of social media as well as the generosity of small business. Also, says something about the impression you make on people 🙂

    Nice work and happy birthday, Hayley!

  2. So glad it was such a success Scott! What a fantastic contribution you’re making to such a worthy cause. A lucky little girl you’ve got to have such thoughtful parents.

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