Eli’s Serious Sausage

I’m currently having a love affair with 2 things, BBQ and street food. Needing a little break from the WFLBC BBQ Challenge I found comfort in my other food obsession. Eli’s Serious Sausage is located outside the Stadium/Chinatown Skytrain station at the corner of Dunsmuir and Beatty from 11:30 to 6pm Monday to Friday and at various farmers markets on the weekends.

Eli’s is Vancouver’s only sausage stand, serving handmade sausages using local pork and their buns are baked fresh daily at a local bakery. After checking out the menu board there was only one choice for me, the Currywurst. Sounds awesome right?? It was amazing, a bratwurst on a bakery fresh bun dusted with curry powder and loaded with curry ketchup which may be the best condiment ever invented and I fully intend to make it at home. The bratwurst was delicious and tasted like it was made from very high quality ingredients. It was juicy and nice and hot all the way through which is a minor miracle given the frigid temperatures. I’m sure Eli will make fun of me because he’s a recent transplant from Winnipeg and our “cold” weather doesn’t seem to bother him. Well I’m from Edmonton and it seems pretty cold to me, but I haven’t lived there for over 30 years so…

Street food is awesome and you need to go eat some. How do you find Vancouver’s street food? You can Google it or keep reading this blog but the easiest way is to use Street Food App on your Iphone. You can also follow Eli’s on Twitter and Facebook for timely sausage updates. Get out of the food courts and fast food McHeart attack shacks of Vancouver and eat great food, get some fresh air and lose the fluorescent light tan in favor of some real sunshine!!



2 thoughts on “Eli’s Serious Sausage

  1. I happen to love Vancouver street food.. a shock, I know 😉

    Bumped into Eli earlier this week and had a kick-ass emmental cheese sausage on a German krainer.

    His BBQ did an great job cooking the outside skin to a nice ‘crunchy’ texture, which married perfectly with the curry ketchup!
    (does anyone know of a European grocer in Van that sells it here? There are dozens of commercial blends of it in Germany.)

    A serious sausage indeed!

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