Thursday is Jerzday and some work talk

I love Jersey Shore. There, it’s in writing now, can’t take it back. Jersey Shore is everything that I am not, illiterate, promiscuous and violent. Based on those qualities you can see why I love it right? Well neither can I but it seems similar to the old “can’t look away from a bad accident” thing that most people suffer from. If you don’t watch it already I suggest you don’t start as it will ruin your Thursday nights. Now on to other things.

I’m off to Whistler again on Monday for work and I’ll be there until Thursday. I really enjoyed my last stay there and eating at Alta Bistro, Splitz Grill and Panoli’s Pizza. I will definitely be going back to Alta Bistro and I will also be stopping at The Campfire Grill in Squamish because that place is fantastic and Inger and Mike are super cool. I am feeling a little guilty though, while I am enjoying working in Whistler there are a bunch of Elevator brothers of mine who have recently been laid off. Most of us started around the same time and because we are in a union there really isn’t a reason why they aren’t working other than just being a number.

Unions are a funny thing, and this being the first I have been a member it still blows me away when someone who is good at their job gets laid off over someone who is a moron that costs the company money and grief just because they’ve been working for an extra year. I guess I shouldn’t complain because I’m still working but it does bother me that I could face the same fate through no fault of my own.

Time will tell, luckily I have a pretty deep network and a terrific family and they’re all more important than a job. Thanks for reading and I hope I’ll have some entertaining things to write about from Whistler V2.0