April Fools, I got you good!

So as many of you who follow me on Twitter know, today I made a big announcement that I had leased 900 Pacific St in Vancouver, the old Kettle Of Fish, and planned to open a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant. I thought that everyone would be all over this been a prank seeing as it was April 1st…but I was wrong.

I received congratulations from A LOT of people who expressed genuine excitement, even our local cheese heroes at Benton Brothers Fine Cheese sent me a congratulatory tweet and Melody Fury, founder of Vancouver Food Tour seemed almost giddy about the prospect of gourmet grilled cheese. This could not have gone any better as far as April Fools jokes go. I let it go on for a few hours while the accolades poured in and when the time seemed right I revealed that it was a hoax. I then received many more messages from very upset people who really wanted a grilled cheese joint in town, am I actually on to something here? Maybe but truth be told I hadn’t put an ounce of thought into this, I was driving past Kettle Of Fish and the idea just came to me and 30 seconds later it was on Twitter!

Well I got you good Vancouver, but the real story may be that this city seems to really want grilled cheese! Who will step up to the plate and give it to them? Will it be me after all? Maybe (probably not) but stranger things have happened.



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