Shark Fin Soup

There are things that are acceptable in other parts of the world that horrify me and vice versa but Shark Finning has to be the most disturbing and useless act in the modern world. Catching sharks, cutting off their fins and throwing them back in the ocean to drown is barbaric. There are other unsustainable fisheries in the world but the big difference is the treatment and use of the fish.

Shark Truth ( is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver working to stop the consumption of shark fin soup in Canada within the next 5 to 10 years.  They work on community education and outreach, and they focus on supporting Asian wedding couples to help them choose not to serve shark fin soup at their wedding banquets.

Shark Truth is running the Happy Hearts Love Sharks Wedding Contest ( to raise awareness to stop the soup, and they’re looking for wedding couples to make the pledge to not serve shark fin soup.  Entering couples will have their picture posted on the Shark Truth Facebook Page ( and couples will need to get as many Likes as possible to win.  The grand prize,  a trip for 2 to Hawaii, will go the couple with the most Facebook Likes.  A second prize for a camera will be drawn randomly.

Big thanks to Teresa Lee and Liv Hung for providing me with the info on Shark Truth and the Happy Hearts Love Sharks Wedding Contest!

Let’s save some sharks!!!



2 thoughts on “Shark Fin Soup

  1. Thank you so much for this article! Sharks fin is definitely something that’s bothered me for a very long time, and I really hope that there’s a large-scale shift in how people perceive this ‘delicacy’.

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