Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

Hey there good looking readers!! Have I told you lately that you’re awesome? No really, you ARE!!! Anyways I wanted to share a little story about my REAL job. I don’t often talk about my real Monday to Friday job in this blog because it’s really not that interesting, I fix elevators, they go up and down and if they stop I get them to go again…ya. It’s a wee bit dangerous at times but it’s really not that bad overall.

The other day we had a delivery to a job we’re doing at Broadway Pentecostal Lodge on Granville island. It was pouring rain and we were out in it for 5 hours straight. Needless to say we were all soaked to the bone. One of the guys that does laundry there (it’s a seniors home) came over to us with clean new t shirts and asked if we wanted our shirts dried. We did and about 20 minutes later we had nice warm and dry work shirts! I know it doesn’t sound like much but we usually get treated pretty poorly when we show up at a building because people are upset about their elevators not working.

So thanks to nicest laundry guy ever, you have temporarily restored my faith in humanity!



2 thoughts on “Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

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