Take Five Cafe – New Look, New Locations

Every once and a while being a food blogger has some pretty sweet perks. Late last week I received a lovely gift basket from Take Five Cafe filled with tasty treats from their menu just in time to spread the word about their re-branding and expansion. Take Five is owned and operated by the Punzo family, former owners of Caffe De Medici, a personal favorite of mine that closed a few years ago. It was actually the first real restaurant I ever took a girl to on a date.

I had a chance to sample a few items including the Italians Only sandwich, some Chorizo Farfalle and a cheese scone while my wife had Chicken Pesto Penne and a chicken fajita wrap with mango. Everything was tasty but the standout for me was the cheese scone, heated up it was delicious. The pasta dishes lacked a little something which I suspect was salt but lets be honest, we don’t need more salt. The sandwich was very good, Italian ham, Genoa salami, roasted red peppers, provolone, mixed greens and sundried tomato mayo, yum.

We also received a bag of their medium roast coffee beans which made a perfect cup from my french press. Check them out if you’re in search of a new coffee spot!









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