Andrew-Palooza, update on Andy!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Andrew had his surgery a few weeks ago and is doing great! No huge improvements yet but there have been some small things that speak volumes about what the treatment has done for his blood flow. Both of the major veins in Andrews neck were 70% restricted compared to a normal vein, he had a 30% restriction in veins from his heart and kidneys and a 50% restriction in his hip.

I spoke with Andrew at a friends BBQ and he told me that his hands were numb still, but a different kind of numb that was hard to explain. His feet were warm for the first time in years and standing up seemed more stable than it had before the surgery. Now is when the hard work begins, physiotherapy and swimming to build his muscles. I’ll keep you posted on his progress.

Andrew’s family are so grateful for everyone who supported Andrew, this wouldn’t have happened without you, Behind Sapphire, Bodhi Jones, Nadia Von Hahn, Sweetheart, Carmen Cruz, Goldie Hoffman, Ruven and all the comedians, The Red Room. 100.5 The Peak and YOU GUYS!!

Thanks so much!!!




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