Biercraft Bistro

Biercraft Bistro is a brutally unfair tease when you go there for lunch and you have a job that, when performed under the influence, could potentially result in death. They have a fantastic craft beer menu including my personal favorite, Deschutes Black Butte Porter.

Sadness of no beer aside, I dove into the tapas menu at the Cambie location and decided on the Fish Tacos with a side of Belgian Frites. The tacos were good, citrus marinated white fish (PollockĀ perhaps?) with cabbage, salsa and chimichurri on corn tortillas. Very messy but really good. Chimichurri is the best condiment in the world, this is a fact. The fish taco is a dish that people have a strange response to until you’ve tried one, do it soon or we can’t be friends anymore.

The frites were good too, double fried with a side of chipottle aioli. There were a few that were a little too crunchy but overall they were nicely done.

I must go for another visit and plan to take the train home, the beer list is simply too good not to. Over 120 Belgian and Craft beers? Now you’re speaking my language!



2 thoughts on “Biercraft Bistro

  1. That beer list is over the top
    how many times would I have to visit to try even the ones I think I might like

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