Cartel Taco

Korean style tacos seem to be a bit of an over served item in Vancouver’s street food scene. There are at least 3 if not more separate vendors that offer their take on this Mexican-Korean mixed marriage. Cartel Taco sets itself apart by making this the only thing they serve, in both beef and pork. Described as Bulgogi which I’m told means fire meat in Korean (?) they are served on a doubled up corn tortilla with cilantro, onion and kimchi.

Both tacos were tasty with nice flavor from the kimchi and “fire meat” and I actually had people following me through Pacific Centre where I ate them to ask where they were from, the aroma was that good. As far as value goes street food in Vancouver can be a little pricey but you usually get what you pay for. In Cartel Taco’s case the more you eat the cheaper the tacos are. 1 for $3, 2 for $5.75, 3 for $8 and 4 for $10.

Overall I was pretty pleased with Cartel Taco, my only tip would be to ask for only one tortilla per taco as the more traditionally Mexican 2 layer tortillas were a little much and dominated the texture. Go check them out at Dunsmuir and Hamilton just outside Pacific Centre on follow them on Twitter here.



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