Naan Wraps

I finally got to try Naan Wraps after missing them at 400 Burrard due to their limited schedule at that location. Wow!!! The smell wafting down the street from the authentic Tandoori oven is amazing! I love Indian food, I live in Surrey and grew up eating home made Samosas, Lamb Korma and Butter Chicken from my friends families kitchens. Needless to say I know good Indian food.

First up was a newer menu item, a hollow bun filled with a choice of savory goodness, in my case it was Butter Chicken. The buns were really fresh and soft and soaked up some of the sauce and the chicken was tender, juicy and delicious. The bun isn’t traditional but the Butter Chicken sure is and it’s great! Next up I had the Tandoori Chicken Wrap. Naan bread is so freaking good, so to use it as a wrap for something as awesome as Tandoori Chicken should be illegal, I mean it’s just not fair to other food trucks! Rumor has it (actually Jay from Nann Wraps told me) that they’re going to be testing out some new menu items and some other top secret goodies that I’m not at liberty to discuss, it’s all very secret agent like and awesome sounding. Follow them on Twitter here to keep up on these changes ant to find out where they’ll be if you’re looking for some tasty South Asian eats!



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