Fresh Local Wild

I’ve eaten a lot of street food this week and I’ve also had Chef Josh Wolfe’s food twice in less than 7 days. I love my “job”! Fresh Local Wild is located at Hastings and Burrard in the heart of Vancouver’s business district and serves up fresh predominantly seafood dishes.

Before we get to what I ate, let’s talk about the trailer, the truck that moves it around and why they’re good for the future of street food. The trailer holds over 400 litres of fresh water which means Chef Wolfe can really use the kitchen on wheels as a real kitchen! The generator that powers the trailer runs on bio diesel, made from the oil used to make the fish and chips that Fresh Local Wild is know for. The truck that tows the trailer around also runs on bio diesel. The long term benefits of not using petroleum based fuels are obvious and I hope other food truck can learn from this. There’s also a patio on the trailer (!!!) made from stained western red cedar that has a great view of the action in the kitchen.

Sockeye Fish and Chips looked too good to resist and I waited in line to place my order along with lots of other people, this place is pretty popular and having been recently filmed for The Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” the crowds are sure to get bigger! The fish is taken from the cooler and battered to order, not pre battered and it makes a huge difference. The fish was hot and not dry with a nice firmness that the crispy fresh batter matched with perfectly. The Fries were hot and fresh, the best food truck fries I’ve had to date and the house made tartare sauce was really good with both the fish and the fries.

This street food is a little different from the rest, how many street food trucks can say that they have the Assistant Corporate Chef of the Glowbal Group making your lunch? I have to try the seafood chowder poutine…



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