Surrey’s new City Centre Library

Whalley is growing in leaps and bounds with huge investments in amazing infrastructure all with the purpose of changing this once troubled area in to the heart of Surrey. The new City Centre Library is a fantastic example of what Surrey is doing to ensure the future of Whalley and the entire city is a bright one.

Designed by Bing Thom Architects, the same firm the designed the iconic Central City Tower, this 77000 square foot library features stunning exterior and interior sight lines and all the modern features you would expect in a world class library. There are lots of computers, laptop stations, and self serve electronic book check out stations as well as thousands of books, a cafe and much more.

The library opened to the public on September 6th and their Grand Opening celebration is September 24th. Go see this amazing facility for yourself at 10350 University Drive!


One thought on “Surrey’s new City Centre Library

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