Sammy’s Hot Wings

Sammy’s Hot Wings at 1773 Robson is one of those places that makes me smile when I walk through the door. A little run down, pictures of customers on the wall and quirky stuff like foreign money all over the place. The name of this place confuses me, as does the menu with everything from burgers and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches to house made falafels, middle eastern dishes and hot wings. Eclectic to say the least.

Trusting my gut and taking the mostly middle eastern money on the walls as a cue, I ordered the Chicken Shawarma plate. The chicken was good, the rice wasn’t over cooked, the salad was fresh and crisp but the star of the show was the humus. Seems strange right? Believe me, this is the best humus I’ve ever had, better than Nuba. Creamy, oily (in a good way) and garlic laden, it was awesome on the grilled pita bread that was also nicely seasoned. A really good lunch for under $10.

Sammy’s makes their own hot sauce which I’ve heard is quite good and can be purchased by the bottle. I feel like I need to try the wings now, and maybe the cheesesteak…. Go check this place out!!



3 thoughts on “Sammy’s Hot Wings

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