What’s new?

This is content for the sake of content, and that’s ok. Sometimes I feel obligated to write just to fill the pages of this blog, also it keeps my readers engaged (I hope). There’s a few cool things on the horizon for yours truly and I’m gonna tell you about them!

First up is Glowbal Group‘s new “steak centric” restaurant, Black + Blue, which opens this weekend and I’ve been invited to the Grand opening on Friday. Located at 1032 Alberni st, This place looks incredible. It’s on one of the best streets in Vancouver for great restaurants, has a HUGE rooftop patio and is a steak house, win win win. I’m taking my dad with me to say thanks for introducing me to good food. He’s been in the seafood business as long as I can remember and I think he’ll really enjoy this event!

Next up is Movember!! I love growing a moustache and Movember gives me the added pleasure of raising money for a good cause, prostate cancer. Stay tuned to my twitter feed for details on how to donate and to track my little furry lip warmers progress. I’m thinking handle bars this year…thoughts?

Lastly I’ve been working on something kinda awesome and huge (that’s what she said). Ahem… Lyndsey and I are working on starting a charitable organization called the 93 Days Foudation, or simply 93 Days, to raise money for Variety BC. Our initial goal is to raise enough money to cover the cost of a new Issolette (incubator) for a local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our daughters life was saved by this amazing piece of equipment and this is our way of giving back. That’s just the beginning, this is so important to us and we’ll never stop raising money. Stay tuned for the foundations webpage and upcoming events!!

Thanks for reading everyone, you guys are awesome!!



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