Dinner at Coast / O Lounge

After attending the grand opening for Glowbal Group‘s Black and Blue my dad and I were still hungry so we headed 2 doors down to Coast for some dinner. The food at Black and Blue was great but it wasn’t meant to be dinner, it was a party. Coast is also a Glowbal Group restaurant featuring a menu that’s mainly seafood. The restaurant was packed so we ended up at O Lounge, which is attached to Coast and offers the full menu.

We started with Lobster Claw Tempura that had spicy mayo and a green papaya salad with a soy-ginger vinaigrette. The green papaya salad was nice and the lobster wasn’t over cooked and was tasty with the spicy mayo but on their own they were quite bland. The claw meat was whole and looked great but this dish backs up my long term opinion that lobster is only as good as the condiment it is served with. Next we had the Buttermilk Battered Calamari with smoked garlic aioli (aka mayo). This dish was great, it was cooked perfectly, not rubbery and the rich buttermilk batter had some heat to it, really good.

For my main I had the Sablefish which came with some yummy polenta and steamed seasonal veggies. The fish was delicious, cooked very well and had that awesome buttery texture that Sablefish is known for. I love that the menu tells you where each fish is caught and by what vessel or person. My Sablefish was caught by the Miss Venus captained by Jay Gold. As a side I ordered the famous Glowbal Group Brussel Sprouts found at many of their restaurants. My dad isn’t a fan of Brussel Sprouts but one taste of these crispy parmesan and garlic balls of goodness and he was sold. There was a small incident involving the incredibly small table, my large plate containing my main course and some over exuberant utensil action that resulted in my entire entree ending up on the floor, but our servers were awesome and quickly had a fresh plate infront of me and the mess cleaned up!

Two Glowbal Group restaurants in one night? Life is tough…



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