Kasas in Coal Harbour

Kasas is located at the corner of West Cordova and Bute in Coal Harbour and kind of feels like it used to be something different. I doesn’t feel like a sushi/Korean place. It is a nice space though and is in my favorite part of town for work. It was my lucky day too as the boss was paying!

I ordered the Korean BBQ Beef Bowl, beef, rice, bibimbap, Kochujang (fermented chili paste) and a fried egg. It looked perfect when it arrived, the egg looked good enough to be on TV. The Kochujang was hiding under the egg so I broke the yolk and let them combine and mix in to the beef, veggies and rice. I took one bite and…crickets. It was bland, almost tasteless, which was hard to believe with something as flavorful as fermented chili paste on board. the beef was lifeless and overcooked, the rice was mushy, a total let down.

My boss wasn’t impressed either as he had ordered the same thing as me. My other coworker ordered a sushi roll combo and most of the rolls fell apart as soon as he got near them with chopsticks. I, as always, looked up some other reviews online after my visit and they were mostly possitive…I guess I just caught them on a bad day?



One thought on “Kasas in Coal Harbour

  1. I’ve eaten at Il Uk Jo several times over the years, the first dating back to my university years in 1995! That place has been around for a long time. Very friendly staff, nice atmosphere, although not the most modern of interiors. Food is awesome – especially like the old-style metal dome BBQ they bring to the table. Will keep going back and bringing family and friends.

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