Random A&W New menu item testing

So I’m sitting at A&W with my coworker today eating a sandwich I had made at home and one of the managers comes up to our table with a tray full of burgers. I thought I was getting tossed for bringing in my own food but she asked if we would like to try one for free, with one catch, we had to fill out a survey telling them our thoughts about this new burger. Um, free burger? Ya I’ll eat it I guess…

The survey indicated that there were 4 types of burgers on the tray, a single, a single with cheese, a double and a double with cheese. I got a single with cheese, which was processed, with mustard, ketchup and the same caramelized onions found on their Prime Rib Uncle Burger. The onions were the best part of this little random freebie, the rest of it was just a cheeseburger, nothing spectacular here. I seems like A&W is trying to come up with a less boring standard burger that doesn’t cost as much as a Teen Burger.

This leaves me with a very thought provoking and somewhat amusing question, what will A&W call this new burger? Most of the family members people can relate to are already in use throughout the A&W burger lineup. This leaves you with some non traditional names to chose from, The Step Dad Burger, The Second Cousin Burger, The Creepy Guy Next Door Burger, or maybe The Guncle Burger?? It would seem A&W has a very daunting task in front of them. The burger family is getting a little full!



One thought on “Random A&W New menu item testing

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