Change is good, a tale of 2 cellphones

Some of you may have been following along on Twitter yesterday while I was having it out with Telus. I felt that the customer service they were providing wasn’t up to the same standards as their competition. I have 2 phone plans, the other being with Rogers and decided that as of yesterday Telus was dead to me.

Without beating the details to death let me sum up how my needs were dealt with by each company. I contacted Telus about a handset upgrade and was told it would cost me at least $259 with 16 months left on my contract. Rogers on the other hand contacted me about my service, offered me a handset upgrade and upgraded my plan, all without me doing a thing.

My Rogers account is used by my wife and I decided to call them and see about switching my Telus number to Rogers. Their answer was…sure, no problem. A new Android handset is in the mail free of charge, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for $149 and a new family plan that will save my wife and I roughly $50 a month and give us more data and talk time. With 16 months left on my Telus plan I have to pay them $320, which is totally worth it. If Telus had tried to keep my business they would’ve collected over $3600 of my hard earned money over the next 3 years had I renewed my contract. I guess they’re not good at math.

The only bittersweet thing about this change is that I’m no longer a Blackberry guy. I’ve been a Research In Motion loyalist since the side scroll wheel days. BBM is also going to be missed but there are apps that do the same thing now so it’s not as big of a deal. I love my Blackberry but the entire RIM lineup seems light years behind the latest and greatest from Apple and Android, although for business use the berry is still the king.

So the lesson I learned from my frustrating day of horrid customer service was if you don’t like something, change it. Also don’t forget that math is awesome, at $50 less per month Rogers will have paid my $320 fee to Telus back to me in 7 months.



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