Kasas in Coal Harbour

Kasas is located at the corner of West Cordova and Bute in Coal Harbour and kind of feels like it used to be something different. I doesn’t feel like a sushi/Korean place. It is a nice space though and is in my favorite part of town for work. It was my lucky day too as the boss was paying!

I ordered the Korean BBQ Beef Bowl, beef, rice, bibimbap, Kochujang (fermented chili paste) and a fried egg. It looked perfect when it arrived, the egg looked good enough to be on TV. The Kochujang was hiding under the egg so I broke the yolk and let them combine and mix in to the beef, veggies and rice. I took one bite and…crickets. It was bland, almost tasteless, which was hard to believe with something as flavorful as fermented chili paste on board. the beef was lifeless and overcooked, the rice was mushy, a total let down.

My boss wasn’t impressed either as he had ordered the same thing as me. My other coworker ordered a sushi roll combo and most of the rolls fell apart as soon as he got near them with chopsticks. I, as always, looked up some other reviews online after my visit and they were mostly possitive…I guess I just caught them on a bad day?



Random A&W New menu item testing

So I’m sitting at A&W with my coworker today eating a sandwich I had made at home and one of the managers comes up to our table with a tray full of burgers. I thought I was getting tossed for bringing in my own food but she asked if we would like to try one for free, with one catch, we had to fill out a survey telling them our thoughts about this new burger. Um, free burger? Ya I’ll eat it I guess…

The survey indicated that there were 4 types of burgers on the tray, a single, a single with cheese, a double and a double with cheese. I got a single with cheese, which was processed, with mustard, ketchup and the same caramelized onions found on their Prime Rib Uncle Burger. The onions were the best part of this little random freebie, the rest of it was just a cheeseburger, nothing spectacular here. I seems like A&W is trying to come up with a less boring standard burger that doesn’t cost as much as a Teen Burger.

This leaves me with a very thought provoking and somewhat amusing question, what will A&W call this new burger? Most of the family members people can relate to are already in use throughout the A&W burger lineup. This leaves you with some non traditional names to chose from, The Step Dad Burger, The Second Cousin Burger, The Creepy Guy Next Door Burger, or maybe The Guncle Burger?? It would seem A&W has a very daunting task in front of them. The burger family is getting a little full!


What’s for Lunch BC is headed to Portland!

Lock your liquor cabinets Portland, I’m coming this Friday! That’s right boys and girls, What’s for Lunch BC is headed to America land over the Remembrance Day long weekend for a little R&R! Portland is well known for its restaurant and street food scene as well as it’s craft beer and it just so happens that eating and drinking are 2 of my favorite things!

I’m headed down with some great friends that I don’t get to see often enough due to my ridiculous work schedule and my even more ridiculous social media events calendar. I’m also planning to do this trip on a fairly frugal budget. I’ll be setting myself a daily limit and when it’s gone, I’m done for the day!! I hear you can stretch a dollar pretty far down there though, I guess I’ll find out.

If you want to keep up to date with where I am, what I’m doing and whether I’ve been arrested you can follow me on Twitter @whatsforlunchbc and search for the hashtag #WFLBCinPDX, feel free to wire me bail money, I’ll totally pay you back…


Coma Food Truck

I’m sure you all know I have a ravenous appetite for food served from a truck/trailer/cart. I don’t think serving food on the street makes the food better but as a blue collar, on the go kind of guy it works well for me. It doesn’t hurt that most of the street food in Vancouver is lights out delicious either, we are truly spoiled for choice and it’s all come together in a relatively short time.

Coma Food Truck has been around for a while and I’m suprised it’s taken me this long to give them a try. They’re one of the trucks in town that doesn’t have a “permanent” location so following them on Twitter or using the Street Food App on your iPhone is a must. They serve a Mexican/Korean/American fusion style menu offering tacos, burritos, Bibimbap, soups and much more. The day I visited was one of the first “cold” days in Vancouver this year and while I waited for my order they were giving out Korean Miso soup to keep their customers warm, so nice! The soup was great, a spicy version of Miso soup that was perfect for a cold day. It was also a little less salty than traditional Miso soup which is definitely a good thing.

I asked for a recommendation from the crew in the truck and they said I should try the spicy pork burrito. Spicy pork? Yes please! The Burrito was good, not overly spicy and was filled with cheese, tofu and corn to compliment the pork. The tortilla was lightly grilled as well giving it a nice little crunch.

Make sure you follow them on Twitter @comafoodtruck, Keep up to date with Vancouver’s street food scene with Street Food App and get outside and support local food trucks, even when the weather sucks!! You never know, you might find me at the window of a food truck one day!


The American Cheesesteak Co.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting great things from The American Cheesesteak Co. I had been to another new, uber hyped restaurant a few weeks earlier and was super disappointed so my attitude going in was a little sour. Boy was I wrong. The American Cheesestaek Co. is very good.

The menu is all cheesesteaks, 9 varieties available in 2 sizes with 5 sides, a couple desserts and drinks. This focused menu is something I wish more restaurants would adopt, find a niche and do it well. I was planning to try a traditional cheesesteak but couldn’t resist the call of “Le Bifteck”, shaved prime rib, caramelized onion jam, double cream brie, arugula, Dijon and balsamic drizzle. This sandwich is unreal, tender juicy beef, creamy brie, peppery arugula, savory Dijon and onion jam and and balsamic vinegar wrapped up in a fresh bun, brilliant. This is a top 3 all time sandwich for me and I can’t wait to try the rest of the menu. I had the smaller sandwich and a small side of fries and I was very full when my plate was empty. The fries are quite good as well, double cooked and hand cut daily, which is becoming standard around Vancouver, they were nice and crisp, fresh and well seasoned.

The American Cheesesteak Co. is located at 781 Davie street and its kitchen is led by local celebrity chef Anthony Sedlak. Go check this place out before I go back and eat everything in sight.


Help me get a tour of the new Port Mann Bridge!!

I commute everyday from Surrey to Burnaby and can’t wait for the new Port Mann Bridge to be completed. I recently asked to tour the bridge so I can take some photos and write a piece for Surreyisthebomb.com. I was told ” Thx for your interest! Safety is our top priority therefore access to the construction site is restricted to workers & staff” by the Twitter account representing the project.

As someone who builds and repairs 40 story elevators for a living I am probably over qualified to be on that construction sight. The Premier and the Mayor of Surrey are apparently qualified but not me?

Come on people, let’s be realistic here!! If anyone knows who I can contact to make this happen please let me know.