Abigail’s Party enters the “Brotherhood of Bacon”

I’ve been to and blogged about Abigail’s Party in Kits before but they get a super special second post. Why you ask? Because there isn’t a better “great food vs. everyday budget” restaurant in the city and because it’s my blog and I can post whatever I want. Also my last post had absolutely terrible pictures due to an inferior phone…

Thankfully I have emerged from the dark ages and just in time to add Abigail’s Party to the list of “Brotherhood of Bacon” approved eateries. The dish in question is their Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with house made “tater tots” a nice squash puree and green beans. The meatloaf is amazing, dense, rich, well seasoned and of course wrapped in the world most amazing meat product, smoky salty delicious bacon. The Brotherhood of Bacon, aka Dennis Pang and I, approve this dish. Also anyone else who wants to be in the brotherhood just let us know, we welcome all bacon lovers. The tater tots are great too!

Now what would be the perfect side for this meaty journey to flavor town? Why Mac and Cheese of course! This is the mac and cheese you wish you could make, aged cheddar being the key to it’s sharp, rich goodness. So there you have it, bacon, cheese, tater tots, meat loaf and all done to perfection. Abigail’s Party is the real deal, amazing food, great atmosphere, wonderful service and nothing on the menu over $21… Other restaurants, feel free to take notes. The Steak Frites are out of this world as is their burger.  Head down to 1685 Yew St. and see for yourself.



8 thoughts on “Abigail’s Party enters the “Brotherhood of Bacon”

  1. We will be heading over from North Van to try them out over
    the holidays….if not sooner.
    Thank you for keeping us informed…..my wife and I have visited
    more than a few of the places that you have recommended and
    you have not steered us wrong yet.

    Hope you and your family have a great christmas.

  2. Thanks for coming to see us again, Scott! You’re the best, and your taste is quite impeccable, sir… Happy holidays to you and your loved ones! See you soon.

  3. Just in from our first visit to Abigail’s. We went based on your review and
    are so very happy that we did. The Burger was fantastic as was the
    meatloaf and MacnCheese….thanks again for the heads up.

    Have you tried The Red Wagon on Hastings……fantastic
    pulled pork pancakes.

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