HOUSExGUEST in Gastown

Last Friday night I went to HOUSExGUEST (formerly Le Magasin) in Gastown with a small group of people. HOUSExGUEST has been open for a little longer than a month.

The menu is confusing. For example, “Cheese Burger” has neither beef nor cheese in it. On the website it is listed as a vegetarian option, on their menus in-house it is not. The next item, Burger Royale and Fries is not served with fries, it’s served with crab tater tots. Fries are not crab, thank you for that, Scott. They don’t actually do fries at all, which is weird because poutine is listed on their menu. In place of fries are pommes gaufrette, or potato chips. Not the same.  Like I said, the food titles are a bit confusing. In my opinion, the title should be straightforward. I don’t want to have to analyse the title with the listed ingredients and discover it’s not what I think I am ordering.

The burger was average. The crab tater tots were really the best thing we ate all night. I’m a little disappointed that I enjoyed the side more than the entrée itself. The pommes gaufrette that we ordered on the side were more potato-y than ripple potato chips, but nothing unique or interesting about them. Why not just do fries?

We also ordered Fish Tacos, and you really can’t go wrong with Fish Tacos. Guacamole, shredded cabbage, battered fish and some lime, it’s always a safe choice wherever you go. That being said, I always like them and I will keep ordering them.

The Old Cuban, a champagne mojito of sorts, was a fun cocktail. With two days to go before Christmas, this felt like my reward for DOING ALL THE THINGS!

I was disappointed with the food, but it is a new establishment and I think it has a lot of potential. For the last working Friday before Christmas, the service was good. Their brunch menu comes with good recommendations. Check it out and tell me what you think.


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