Two EE’s Farm Market

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, organic often means expensive. Two EE’s Farm Market, located at 16411 Fraser Highway in Fleetwood, bucks the trend by offering organic produce grown at their own farm for the same if not less than non organic produce offered at grocery chains and other produce stores. Two EE’s 25 acre farm is located less than a five minute drive from their market meaning that their carbon footprint is tiny, another plus to this true Surrey gem. Get the whole story of Two EE’s history here and check out everything they grow here.

In addition to fantastic organic produce at great prices, Two EE’s also carries a large variety of other grocery items ranging from dairy products, baked goods, imported treats, specialty candy, Boylan’s Soda, flowers and tons of seasonal items all year. Check out some pictures below and check out their full website at Two EE’s is open Monday to Saturday all year round and is yet another reason why Surrey is the bomb (.com).



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