Prestons at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel

Having missed the big Tweetup a while back I finally made it to Prestons in Coal Harbour to give them a try and use the gift card I received from local social media and promotion superstars, Popcorn. I was also meeting up with my friend Daniel to talk about the local farmers market scene and some great ideas he has to make Vancouver’s already amazing farmers markets even better. I’ll elaborate on that in the near future but Daniel has some seriously good ideas!

Prestons serves an Asian and Mediterranean influenced menu with simple, fresh dishes that have a west coast feel. You can be sure that if there’s poutine on a menu I am going to try it and Prestons poutine did not disappoint. Rich beef  gravy made with Rickards Red (I’ll let the beer thing go…just this once…they need better beer), cheese curds from Quebec and fresh, crispy fries. It’s pretty hard to screw up poutine and this one is very good.

For my main I had Gnocchi with roasted Mediterranean veggies, shaved Parmesan cheese and a spicy (but not too spicy) tomato sauce. There was an option to add Chorizo sausage to this dish and I think you all know what I did. The Chorizo was awesome (how could it not be?) and the Gnocchi was cooked perfectly. This dish is great value as well, without the Chorizo it’s just $15 and is very filling.

As a special bonus for following Prestons on Twitter you get a free dessert! My choice was a Vanilla Matcha Creme Brule with mini sugared doughnuts. The creme brule was good but I prefer a creme brule that isn’t made in advance as the torched sugar on top is so much better when it’s still warm. The Matcha, aka Green Tea, adds a really interesting and quite nice flavor, if only it weren’t cold this would have been amazing. The mini doughnuts were as good as expected but what I didn’t expect was the drizzle of salted caramel that they came nestled on. Salted caramel + mini doughnut = happy happy joy joy, that’s just science folks.

Prestons also has a location in Chilliwack for all my Fraser Valley readers, I’m sure I have at least one…maybe.



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