Dine Out Vancouver at Dockside

I had an excellent dining experience at the Dockside restaurant at the Granville Island Hotel. The locale can’t be beat, it is literally dockside. Granville Island is a beautiful place, and I think that it actually improves at night-time when the water reflects the lights.

I was there specifically for Dine Out Vancouver, which is an excellent opportunity to try a three course meal at a pricier dining establishment for considerably less. There are formal and informal establishments, ranging in price from $18-$38. Dine Out Vancouver runs now through February 5th, so I’d make a reservation ASAP if you haven’t done so already.

I’m still not terribly confident about taking pictures of food in restaurants, so there are no pictures to accompany this post. I’ll be brave next time. 

I was surprised by the Amuse Bouche plate- a complimentary pre-appetizer that wasn’t listed on the menu. Sliced cured salmon, crème fraiche, capers and fresh dill on a savoury wafer was a pleasant way to begin the meal.

For an appetizer I selected the seared scallop with smokey corn puree, crispy prosciutto and pea shoots. Delicious! I would have gladly eaten an entire meal of this. The corn puree was unique, but very tasty. I personally prefer prosciutto not to be as crispy as it was served, it felt a bit too much like bacon. I’m not really complaining, bacon is good.

At other Dine Out establishments I’ve left feeling hungry, so in addition to the set menu  I ordered the Forno Flatbread. It was huge. In the centre was a panko-crusted, fried ball of goat cheese. As tempting as it was to pop that in my mouth whole, I spread it out on the flatbread. It paired really well with the balsamic and olive oil drizzle, complete with shaved mozzarella and grilled tomatoes. I shared this with two other people, and we all really liked it and felt that this item had a great value.

My entrée consisted of  halibut and a butterflied jumbo prawn, grilled grape tomatoes,  potato, and grilled asparagus. The halibut was flaky and had a great texture and I loved that the potato was somehow crispy on the outside but soft as if it was mashed on the inside. How did they do it?? I’m going to have to do some research and when I figure it out, I’ll write a follow-up post. My only regret was not snagging a bite of my friend’s rabbit, I was genuinely curious about it. He assures me that the halibut was a better choice.

Dessert was so fabulously sweet and decadent. Filo wrapped marzipan cheesecake in a pool of spiced white chocolate, with a small handful of sugared almonds on the side. The amazing part of the desert were the black cherries hidden inside the cheesecake bundles. Mmmmmm it was a small bite of summer-time goodness. I couldn’t finish my dessert because I was full. In fact, I probably could have skipped the flatbread and still have been very satisfied.

I really enjoyed the rich flavours and the different textures of the evening. It’s not the most expensive Dine Out Vancouver option, either. Furthermore, there are wine pairings for each course that are available for an additional cost.

Cheers! – Rochele


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