New Music Review: Behind Sapphire – Diamonds [EP]



The story of Behind Sapphire goes back to the days of high school, as most great band stories do.  Mildly rebellious student Grant Cassell was sitting in the same English class he had been bitterly attending day after day when his teacher told the class that they were going to listen to a piece of music. The teacher asked the students to close their eyes and concentrate on the music they were about to hear. Cassell reluctantly closed his eyes, and heard the song that would shape the way he would approach and composed music from that point on.

The singer was Billie Holiday and the song was Strange Fruit.

Cassell, along with guitarist/pianist extraordinaire, Matthew Mazankowski, formed Behind Sapphire, and have carved, shaved, shaped and grown quite an impressive, unique 5-piece band in a matter of only a couple of years.  The Vancouver group released their debut, self-titled…

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