Green Flash Brewing Co. – Rayon Vert – Booze Reviews!!

Green Flash Brewing Co. of San Diego, California is probably best known for making one of the best India Pale Ale’s in North America, West Coast IPA. They also make a very impressive Double Stout but the subject of this Review is their Belgian style pale ale called Rayon Vert which is french for “green flash” (roughly). Rayon Vert is a beautiful copper color and builds a very nice foamy head when poured. It’s a cloudy beer with a strong brettannomyces flavor typical of Belgian beers. My fairly inexperienced palette is usually turned off by strong “Brett” type beers but there are a few that are so well balanced and refreshing that I’m starting to appreciate the subtleties of these complex brews. Rayon Vert is one of my favorites.

Rayon Vert is available at finer wine and beer retailers all over Greater Vancouver and where ever Beerthirst products are sold. Look for amazing beers like this on the menus of your favorite restaurants very soon and if you love craft beer let your favorite restaurants know that you want it on their menus!! Stay tuned for some new restaurant announcements in the near future, the craft beer revolution is coming Vancouver, are you ready?



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