Bada Bing food truck

I happened to stumble upon a food truck I had never tried the other day after my lunch plans fell through. Bada Bing, which was parked on Broadway just off of West Georgia, specializes in Philly Cheesesteaks offered with either chicken or beef. The truck looked pretty cool. lots of flames,  clever windshield signage and the smell wafting up the street was irresistible.

I ordered the beef cheesesteak with a side of fries.  They offer hot sauce and garlic sauce as toppings and of course I took them. The sandwich itself was big and fresh but the meat lacked any sort of seasoning and was quite grey and lifeless ( as one would assume a dead cow would be, I guess?). Luckily the garlic sauce and hot sauce were there to add some flavour. The bun seemed super fresh and the peppers and onions weren’t overcooked or mushy. The appearance of the sandwich in the picture isn’t a true representation of how it looked before it was wrapped in paper and carried 2 blocks to the HSBC building where I ate it.

The fries were actually outstanding, probably the best I’ve had from a food truck if not a close second to Fresh Local Wild. They were fresh, hot and crispy with great seasoning and a hint of garlic. Food truck fries seem to be a bit of an art form in terms of them actually being fresh. Most other vendors struggle with soggy, limp fries that are often cold. Whatever Bada Bing is doing is working.

Check them out at 655 Burrard street, outside of the Royal Centre/Hyatt Regency hotel.



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