Zaatar on Davie, better than Nuba?

Bold title, bold statement to make in Vancouver. Nuba has been a personal favourite of mine for a while now so to find a place offering similar Lebanese cuisine seemed like an excellent chance to see if Nuba was indeed as good as I think it is. The answer is…Nuba is good, Zaatar Hummus Bar might be slightly better. This assessment is based on a one dish eating visit to Zaatar but it was damned good.

I had the Falafel Plate, amazing and very fresh falafels that were perfectly crisp on the outside but moist and soft on the inside. The Mediterranean salad (tomatoes, onion, cucumber and parsley with lemon juice, salt and pepper) was also really fresh and simple. The Tabule Salad (Bulgur, parsley, cilantro) was f**king incredible and the humus was creamy, fresh, garlic laden and a little spicy. It came with pickles (I don’t get it) and some really great pita bread.

For $8.95 I was completely full and as a meatatarian that is quite an eye opener given the meatlessness of this dish. Go check Zaatar out for yourself at 809 Davie Street (Davie and Howe) and see if I’m right or if I’ve been hitting the crack pipe a little too hard…


PSA – Don’t smoke crack.


2 thoughts on “Zaatar on Davie, better than Nuba?

  1. went there for lunch and dinner. had the falafel plate and enjoyed(I don’t get the pickle thing either. Pita bread was tough and chewy,too thick,not good. the stuffed grape leaves were dry and flavourless. Lentil soup way too salty. I will return to try some of the other items. It is quite convenient when we stay at Wall Center. Thanks for the recommendation

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