Rockford Wok/Bar/Grill Part 2! And a Confession from Rochele

Good day everyone, it’s Rochele the Intern writing. I had a most awesome afternoon catching up with Scott (the boss of WFLBC) and Dylan from More Than a Feeling Music Blog last Saturday. We went to the newly opened Rockford (formerly Moxies) in Langley for LUNCH! Sometimes What’s For Lunch BC’s name is a bit of a sham because more often than not our dining experiences occur after 5pm.

I kind of knew that we were going into this establishment more for Scott’s little girl than for ourselves, and I’d do it again because sometimes it’s about friendship more than it is about the food itself. I ordered the Grilled Salmon Burger and had  my side of fries split with a green salad. A lot of establishments will allow you to do this if you ask for it. Dylan was jealous, because he ordered a salad but really wanted fries, but now he knows. The burger was okay, I ate most of it open faced because the abundance of tartar sauce made the bun soggy and everything started to slide out. I expected that. My overall impression was that it was okay. The Green Tea Mojito was refreshing. However, I asked for a cup of Earl Grey tea and it came brewed in this fancy contraption that needed an explanation and directions on how to pour it. It’s tea, don’t make it unnecessarily complicated.

Furthermore, I have a confession to make: I have a difficult time writing about food that I don’t love. I don’t eat out very often because most of the time I can make it at home and it tastes way better, and it’s more nutritious. Although I enjoy the convenience of going out, I think food should be better than just okay. It doesn’t have to be high-end. Some of my favourite places are cheap, Mom and Pop diners. I’m a little hesitant to post my true thoughts when I eat out, so I don’t. Should I? Do you want to know? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


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