Mom’s Grilled Cheese, Food Truck-tastic!

I have been blessed with a long term assignment that has me stationed smack dab in the heart of downtown Vancouver for the foreseeable future and I’m ecstatic. Why you ask? Well because of the food you silly little monkey!! My first visit was to a food truck I’ve been hearing great things about, Mom’s Grilled Cheese. I found them on Howe street right beside the Vancouver Art Gallery ( the VAG) which is their usual spot.

The menu is small but awesome and the obvious choice for a carnivore like me was the Meatloaf Grilled Cheese that comes with marinara, mozzarella and Parmesan all grilled around a delicious slice of meatloaf. It came with a slice of pickle and some nice kettle cooked chips. The sandwich was awesome, it kept me full through dinner time, no small feat for a sandwich vs. a big eater like myself.

The staff were awesome and very conversational with each other and the customers. It’s great to see people having fun while they work which is sadly not seen very often these days. I will visit Mom’s Grilled Cheese again, next time I’m taking on the Jackson 3 with bacon. Grilled cheese was also the subject of WFLBC’s April Fool’s joke last year so the timing of this visit was perfect! AND April is grilled cheese month, so, you kind of have to go with what the universe is telling you on this one. Get some grilled cheese!!



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