Palki Restaurant Palki Passion Package with!!

These dining packages just keep getting better, this time I was invited to try the #PalkiPassion package at Palki Restaurant on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. I love Indian food, I grew up and still live in Surrey where there’s a ton of great Indian food and I ate a lot of samosas and butter chicken at my friends houses when I was a kid so I feel extra qualified to judge good Indian cuisine. Palki did not disappoint and this is easily the best value I’ve seen in a package, at $14 this is a lot of food! Lots of good food makes Scott happy.

The package is billed as a 7 course meal but everything comes at once, 5 items on a smoking hot plate called the Palki Platter and the butter chicken and naan come separately. I actually started off with some Pakoras with a mint chutney and a tamarind chutney and they were excellent but they aren’t part of the package. The items that come on the sizzling plate are Chicken Tikka, a Tandoori Prawn, a Vegetable Samosa, a Lamb Barrah Kebab and Murg Malai Tikka (also chicken) with some green pepper for garnish.

The Lamb was amazing, so flavourful and tender. It’s a portion of a rack roasted in a Tandoor oven (as are most meats in this package). Both chicken dishes were also really tasty but my favourite was the Murg Malai Tikka which is marinated in sour cream and spices before being roasted. The Prawn was good but looked a little lonely all by itself so I had to eat it first… The Samosa was pretty good, maybe not the best I’ve ever had but I’ve had some incredible samosas in my day. This one was still quite good, a little more seasoning perhaps. The Green Peppers, although not listed as a course, were fantastic taking in the flavours of all the ingredients on the platter.

Now to the star of the show, The Butter Chicken. I LOVE BUTTER CHICKEN! It has to be in my top 3 favourite foods so finding a really great butter chicken is a big deal to me. This Butter Chicken is a big deal. Not only does it look absolutely dead sexy as it bubbles away in it’s candle powered warming dish with it’s swirl of  seductive cream just waiting to be mixed in. Whoa, I just blacked out there for a minute! Thankfully it tastes as good as it looks, rich and creamy with a depth of flavour that only Indian sauces can conjure up, it’s like magic in a bowl. Add in the tender chicken and Onion Cilantro Nana bread to soak up the sauce and you have pure food heaven.

All this for $14 people, this one’s a sure thing. If you’re not into spicy food or have never tried Indian food this is the perfect opportunity as the spices are very well balanced throughout the meal and the flavours are very accessible to the inexperienced palate.

Go to to check out this and other great dining packages!!!

Check out some more pics!!



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