Beauty Night Dines Out at the Irish Heather

It’s not often that I’m brought to tears by reading words on a page or a computer screen. There are very few things that carry that kind of emotional punch for me other than remembering the time my daughter spent in the hospital when she was born. Another one of these rare things is the amazing work that the Beauty Night Society does for women and youth living in poverty. Check out their amazing work at to see how they are changing lives for the better every day.

Running a program like Beauty Night is very expensive and they have to find new ways to bring in revenue to keep their work going, They’re having a fundraiser with local favourite The Irish Heather on Thursday April 26th as part of the restaurant’s Long Table Dinner series. The Irish Heather is awesome and so is Beauty Night, you have a lot of choices when it comes to investing your money in a charity, please consider Beauty Night and buy a ticket for this awesome event RIGHT HERE! Good food for a great cause, my favourite combo!



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