Rising from the ashes of disappointment, SurreyIsTheBomb.com relaunches.

Hello Surrey lovers! I am very pleased to announce the relaunch of this website. As you may or may not know I was involved with another Surrey themed site which was launched with content sourced 100% from this site. After using my content, promising me an equal share of any future profits and exploiting my social media influence I was informed via email that I was no longer an owner but it would be awesome if we could continue to collaborate. What?

Let this be a lesson to all of you, get things in writing.

Surrey is my home and has been since 1988, the pride I have for this city comes from living here and being surrounded by all that this truly great city has to offer. Loving Surrey isn’t about making money or selling ad space, it’s about spreading the word about the amazing things Surrey stands for, community, inclusiveness, nature and progress. Don’t be fooled by flashy WordPress themes and tons of writers, this is where Surrey blogs from.



3 thoughts on “Rising from the ashes of disappointment, SurreyIsTheBomb.com relaunches.

  1. Well thank god – I liked the name ‘Surrey is the Bomb’ way better than Surrey(insert overused moniker here) anyway!

    Without your funny and honest-to-goodness love for this city, they won’t make it too far. Welcome back!

  2. We’re a better community to have you steering the Surrey bandwagon. I don’t know that I’ve encountered anyone who truly loves Surrey more than you, and I’ve met our local city politicians! Glad to have you back highlighting the great parts about our city.

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