Steam Whistle Launch Party with guest contributor Megan Harris!

On Friday, April 27th, I had the pleasure of attending the Steam Whistle Pilsner Launch Party that took place at The Bimini in Vancouver. BC Rep Mike Kiraly, who you can easily tell has a passion for great craft beer, hosted the event and gave me the facts on the brewery.

Steam Whistle Brewing opened in Toronto of 2000. Their focus is brewing Canada’s Premium Pilsner, using only 4 natural ingredients – spring water, yeast, malted barley, and hops. Their motto is “do one thing, really, really well.”

The beer is mainly sold in green glass bottles, a replica of the industry standard from the 40s and 50s, paying tribute to The Golden Era. The bottles are made with a thicker glass, making them reusable up to 35 times.

The name “Steam Whistle” comes from the sound of steam rushing from factory whistles of the 50s, marking the end of the day, and time for a rewarding brew!

Greg Taylor, Cameron Heaps and Gregory Cromwell are the three founders, aka “The Three Fired Guys”. They met while working for Upper Canada Brewing, and lost their jobs after the brewery was sold to Sleeman’s. “3FG” is marked at the bottom of the Steam Whistle bottles as an inside joke.

Steam Whistle’s Brewmaster, Marek Mikunda, is from the Czech Republic. What better place to be from than the birthplace of Pilsners?

Their beer became available in Alberta in 2006, and BC in 2009. Mike wants to focus on taking care of getting the beer on tap in Vancouver, as it’s a huge city with a serious love for craft beer.

I asked Mike, why only brew Pilsner? He summed it up by saying “Steam Whistle wanted to take something on as a project and perfect it. Our beer is fresh, made with all natural ingredients, and it’s Canadian.”

My opinion of the Steam Whistle Pilsner – I really enjoyed the beer. It’s got plenty of flavour, very refreshing, and would make an excellent session beer. Perfect for summer, or any time, really.

Steam Whistle will be taking part in the YVRBeerTweetUp May 2nd at Smiley’s Public House, the EPIC Sustainable Living Show May 11-13th at The Vancouver Convention Centre, and Vancouver Craft Beer Week, May 21st at The Electric Owl.

You can find Steam Whistle at on Twitter @SteamWhistle and on Facebook


Follow Megan on twitter @Megana28!!


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