Uli’s Restaurant in White Rock

Uli’s Restaurant has the best burger in Vancouver, end of story. Pretty bold way to start a post but it’s a fact. Uli’s has been a fixture at White Rock Beach since 1986 and is situated right along the beach directly across from the famous pier. Uli’s reminds me of Abigail’s Party, one of my all time Vancouver favourites, with it’s great ambiance, friendly service and fantastic food and beverage menus.

I started out with the buttermilk marinated calamari with tzatziki  and chilli flakes. The squid was tender and the buttermilk gave the flavour a creamy quality which balanced out the mild heat of the chilis. I also think I detected a hint of curry powder somewhere in the dish, a very nice addition.

Next up was the house made (HOUSE MADE!) hot dog. Yes you read that right, they make their own hot dogs in house. The casing had a nice snap to it and the flavour of the dog was great. It really is somewhere between a hot dog, a smokie and a sausage but it’s fantastic. I had mine with mayo, grainy mustard and diced white onions with a side of golden crispy onion rings.

After that I tackled the Special of the night, Halibut in a clam and chorizo broth, it was kind of like a bouillabaisse done as an entrée with big protein feature, the halibut, instead of lots of small stuff in broth. The Halibut was great, very fresh and the broth was outstanding, tons of flavour and very well balanced.

Now, the burger. Simply called the Uli Burger it is a house made patty and comes with burnt onion relish and smoked cheddar on an amazing challa bun. Of course  you all know I added bacon, if I didn’t it just wouldn’t be me. It’s house made bacon too, so good. The burger patty is packed with flavour, it has great texture and it’s as juicy as…well I can’t say that here this blog is pg13 (mostly). The onion relish, smoked cheddar and bacon make a delicious trio to accompany the patty, the bacon is awesome and I’d love to try some on its own, you know, for research. The fries were good but the burger, like I said it’s the best burger in the GVRD, probably in BC.

To top things off Uli’s has an incredible craft beer menu and I had a few Elysian Idiot Sauvin IPA’s and a few more La Chouffe Begian style pale ales. Owner Tyson, Manager David and Chef Ryan are are awesome guys who get what running a restaurant is all about, The food, the room, the attitude and the drinks make a for an unforgettable night out.

Follow them on Twitter @Ulis_Restaurant (Tyson) @aliquidfish (David) and @chefbissell (Ryan)

Check them out online at ulisrestaurant.com and most importantly get yourself down to White Rock! I seriously might make this a semi regular spot, which is something I don’t ever do, it’s that good.



One thought on “Uli’s Restaurant in White Rock

  1. Uli’s has been a great place for years and the beer selection is quite impressive for a restaurant

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