Surrey Is The Bomb Dot Com will be attending the Vancouver Urban Forum!

Surrey is growing at an impressive rate and with such rapid growth comes the need for densification. If you travel around the GVRD you’ll see high rises popping up around Skytrain stations and major community centres. This is happening in our city as well with major developments centred around the Gateway/Surrey Central/King George stations. There are plans for major increases in densification in Whalley and with a light rail system in the proposal phase more and more people will want to move to this central hub.

Photo credit – Scott Graham

The Global Civic Policy Society is putting on the Vancouver Urban Forum, a conference focusing on urban reform. The forum will consist of 20 presentations that seek to reform our cities and lead them in more environmentally sustainable, economically prosperous and socially healthy directions. I am very happy to have been selected to participate in this conference thanks to a grant from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia who have provided 30 sponsored seats to people throughout the community. So the only thing left to do is figure out what one wears to a conference…

Shirt by Bret Taylor @BretinVancouver



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