Cloverdale Rodeo Cowboy BBQ Competition

Image credit – Cloverdale Rodeo

One of Surrey’s biggest events, the Cloverdale Rodeo, will host the inaugural Cowboy BBQ Competition on Saturday and Sunday of this year’s fair. Presented by Well Seasoned, this event will feature more than 25 teams from all over North America who will competing for $10,000 in cash prizes. The event will feature a Pie and Chili contest, an Iron Chef style “Battle Bacon” and a Pacific North West BBQ  Association (PNWBA) sanctioned BBQ competition. After the PNWBA judges are given their food to judge there will be samples available for the public to try!! As I’m a certified PNWBA judge myself I can tell you that the food will be incredible. I’m unable to attend this amazing competition due to a prior comitment so please head down there and try some on my behalf!!

The Rodeo runs from May18th – 21st at the Cloverdale Fair Grounds. There has been an event on these grounds since 1888 which became a professionally sanctioned rodeo in 1948. It is currently the second largest rodeo in Canada. If you’ve never been you should really go check it out this year, BBQ, rides, Rodeo action and tons of family fun!! Check out the full history of one of Surrey’s oldest events HERE. YEE HAW!!!!



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