Street Meet Truck!

Have you ever had a bad meal at one of the many food trucks dotted around the streets of Vancouver? Looking back on the past couple of years I can honestly say that I’ve only had one sub par meal, and it wasn’t really “bad” it just could’ve been better. One of the newest trucks to hit the streets is the Street Meet Truck, this is one of the coolest looking trucks in town. It has a sweet chrome flying pig hood ornament, crazy graphics and sweet underside lighting but you’ll have to find them somewhere at night to check that out. Their truck is also a slightly different model than the ones used by other food truckers, it has a more “big rig” look to it, quite impressive.

Seeing as I decided to visit on the first really nice day of the year the line up was predictably long but the crew in the truck were upbeat and very friendly, pushing out food like a well oiled machine. The menu is described as Mediterranean food and it definitely is, with a decidedly Italian influence. Chef Alessandro Vianello and Chef Mike Carter say their goal is to bring addictive fine foods at an affordable price to the streets of Vancouver, let’s see how they did.

First up I had the Crispy Fried Risotto Balls with slow braised pork, green onions and truffle aioli. These are some tasty balls people. The crunch on the outside is just right and the rich warm goodness inside is very rich and full of flavour. Served on a bed of greens the left over aioli also makes a nice little salad to accompany the risotto balls. Very nice.

Next I had the Grilled Spicy Italian Sausage with stewed red peppers and Taleggio cheese served on a toasted baguette. The sausage is made from high quality local pork and it tastes great, just a little heat and not too salty. The casing has a nice snap to it as well. The baguette poses a challenge to those looking to stay clean, it takes some biting power to get through the toasted crust and you may end up with stewed red peppers on your shirt. The bun is great though, very fresh and airy inside. The Cheese is very soft and gooey and adds a nice creamy balance to the acid of the peppers and the heat of the sausage. There are also some scratch made potato chips with this dish that are really good.

So there it is, another great meal from one of Vancouver’s ever growing family of food trucks. To find out where the Street Meet Truck is at Follow them on Twitter @StreetMeetTruck, Check out their website at or use the uber awesome Street Food App on your iPhone (an Android version would be nice…nudge nudge)



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